Audio Repairs
Audio Repairs

Zens Electronics are able to repair a huge range of audio equipment from a large number of manufacturers.
From home audio to professional audio Zens covers it all.

Zen often sees amplifiers and similar items from
the 70's and 80's when build quality was certainly better than it is in today's low price market.

All repairs are professionally completed and
come with a 6 month warranty.

Many trade/shop owners trust Zen with
their customers repairs.
You can too!

Some of the many makes we repair.

NAD, Harmon Kardon, Acoustic Solutions, Sony, JVC, Pioneer, Hitachi, Panasonic,
Newtonia, Rotel, Philips, Marantz, Audio Analogue, Nakamichi, Denon, Aiwa, Musical Fidelity,
Arcam, Lentek, Hafler, Lecson, Quad, AVX, Tanberg, Technics, Yamaha, TEAC, Cyrus, Sherwood, Alesis, Uher, ADC, Sansui, Sound Craftsmen, Kenwood, Sugden, Bang and Olufsen, QTX, Peavey, A&R, Audio LAB, Samson, QSC,
Revox, KAM, Dual, L.A.D, Pure, plus many more.
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Audio Repairs
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